About us

The Association Kraków Miastem Rowerów ( Kraków City of Bicycles) is a group of cyclists concerned about the city’s transportation problems, lack of municipal actions towards the construction of the appropriate infrastructure and promotion of bicycle. We want Kraków to be a city of sustainable and safe transport with the well-balanced public space for citizens, tourists and local businesses.

Our goals:

We assume that every citizen should have a real choice between means of transport. Nowadays, the majority of us doesn’t have the opportunity to use bicycle due to the insufficient infrastructure and the dangerous traffic on the main streets. The situation has to change. The principal goals are as follow:

  • Comfortable, fast cycle lanes of the highest quality interconnecting all the quartiers of Kraków. They should be designed to fulfil the needs of all types of users: from bicycle messengers to mothers with children and elderly people.
  • Opening one-way streets for two-way bicycle traffic and reducing car circulation, especially in the city centre.
  • Construction of secure and convenient bicycle parking lots.

What are we doing to achieve our goals?

  • Lobbying in the municipal offices
  • Organizating of events and happenings
  • Lessing in schools
  • Proposing city-friendly solutions

Act with us!

The realization of our goals is possible only thanks to the people and financial resources. If you are willing to support us by your time, enthusiasm or donation, don’t hesitate to contact us: zarzad[at]kmr.org.pl.

Join us and change the cyclists’ reality!